Sylvain Lebresne  committed 035e637

Change version number in preparation of 0.7.6-2 release


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  • Branches cassandra-0.7.6-2

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     <property name="debuglevel" value="source,lines,vars"/>
     <!-- default version and SCM information (we need the default SCM info as people may checkout with git-svn) -->
-    <property name="base.version" value="0.7.6"/>
+    <property name="base.version" value="0.7.6-2"/>
     <property name="scm.default.path" value="cassandra/branches/cassandra-0.7"/>
     <property name="scm.default.connection" value="scm:svn:${scm.default.path}"/>
     <property name="scm.default.developerConnection" value="scm:svn:${scm.default.path}"/>