pcmanus committed 271630d

Fix streaming from all replica during boostrap/rebuild

patch by scode; reviewed by slebresne for CASSANDRA-3922

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  * Allow extending CompositeType comparator (CASSANDRA-3657)
  * Avoids over-paging during get_count (CASSANDRA-3798)
  * Add new command to rebuild a node without (repair) merkle tree calculations
-   (CASSANDRA-3483)
+   (CASSANDRA-3483, 3922)
  * respect not only row cache capacity but caching mode when
    trying to read data (CASSANDRA-3812)
  * fix system tests (CASSANDRA-3827)


                 rangeFetchMapMap.put(address, range);
                 foundSource = true;
+                break; // ensure we only stream from one other node for each range
             if (!foundSource)