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+ * Fix handling of tombstone by SSTableExport/Import (CASSANDRA-3357)
+ * Only count compaction as active (for throttling) when they have
+   successfully acquired the compaction lock (CASSANDRA-3344)
  * close scrubbed sstable fd before deleting it (CASSANDRA-3318)
  * fix bug preventing obsolete commitlog segments from being removed
  * Nodetool no longer leaks threads and closes JMX connections (CASSANDRA-3309)
  * fix truncate allowing data to be replayed post-restart (CASSANDRA-3297)
  * Move SimpleAuthority and SimpleAuthenticator to examples (CASSANDRA-2922)
- * Fix handling of tombstone by SSTableExport/Import (CASSANDRA-3357)


     public int getActiveCompactions()
-        return executor.getActiveCount() + validationExecutor.getActiveCount();
+        return CompactionExecutor.compactions.size();
     private static class CompactionExecutor extends DebuggableThreadPoolExecutor implements CompactionExecutorStatsCollector