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Merge branch 'cassandra-1.1' into cassandra-1.2


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  * fix saved key cache not loading at startup (CASSANDRA-5166)
  * fix ConcurrentModificationException in getBootstrapSource (CASSANDRA-5170)
  * fix sstable maxtimestamp for row deletes and pre-1.1.1 sstables (CASSANDRA-5153)
+ * fix start key/end token validation for wide row iteration (CASSANDRA-5168)
  * Simplify CompressedRandomAccessReader to work around JDK FD bug (CASSANDRA-5088)
  * Improve handling a changing target throttle rate mid-compaction (CASSANDRA-5087)
  * Pig: correctly decode row keys in widerow mode (CASSANDRA-5098)

File src/java/org/apache/cassandra/thrift/

             // start_token/end_token can wrap, but key/token should not
             RowPosition stop = p.getTokenFactory().fromString(range.end_token).maxKeyBound(p);
-            if (RowPosition.forKey(range.start_key, p).compareTo(stop) > 0)
+            if (RowPosition.forKey(range.start_key, p).compareTo(stop) > 0 && !stop.isMinimum())
                 throw new org.apache.cassandra.exceptions.InvalidRequestException("Start key's token sorts after end token");