Anonymous committed 0082b7b

#7963: fix error message when 'object' called with arguments.

Patch by Alexander Belopolsky.

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 Core and Builtins
+- Issue #7963: Fixed misleading error message that issued when object is
+  called without arguments.
 - Issue #5308: Raise ValueError when marshalling too large object (a sequence
   with size >= 2**31), instead of producing illegal marshal data.


             type->tp_init != object_init)
             err = PyErr_WarnEx(PyExc_DeprecationWarning,
-                       "object.__new__() takes no parameters",
+                       "object() takes no parameters",
         else if (type->tp_new != object_new ||
                  type->tp_init == object_init)
-                "object.__new__() takes no parameters");
+                "object() takes no parameters");
             err = -1;
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