Jack Jansen committed 1c7207a

Oops, missed the prefixname optional arg when I applied the previous backport.

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File Mac/scripts/

 		sources=[], sourcedirs=[],
 		libraries=[], extradirs=[],
 		extraexportsymbols=[], outputdir=":::Lib:lib-dynload",
-		libraryflags=None, stdlibraryflags=None):
+		libraryflags=None, stdlibraryflags=None, prefixname=None):
 	if architecture == "all":
 		# For the time being we generate two project files. Not as nice as
 		# a single multitarget project, but easier to implement for now.
 			print "Warning: %s: sourcefile not found: %s"%(module, sources[0])
 			sourcedirs = []
-	if architecture == "carbon":
+	if prefixname:
+		pass
+	elif architecture == "carbon":
 		prefixname = "mwerks_carbonplugin_config.h"
 		prefixname = "mwerks_plugin_config.h"