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Fred Drake  committed 1c838be

Backport Skip's patch for SF bug #534495:
exceptions.tex 1.5

fix a typo in PyErr_Format table and add row for 'p' format char
closes bug 534495

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     \lineii{c}{Character, as an \ctype{int} parameter}
     \lineii{d}{Number in decimal, as an \ctype{int} parameter}
     \lineii{x}{Number in hexadecimal, as an \ctype{int} parameter}
-    \lineii{x}{A string, as a \ctype{char *} parameter}
+    \lineii{s}{A string, as a \ctype{char *} parameter}
+    \lineii{p}{A hex pointer, as a \ctype{void *} parameter}
   An unrecognized format character causes all the rest of the format