Éric Araujo committed 2383114

Use proper skip instead of reporting success in one distutils test

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         self.assertEqual(headers['Content-length'], '290')
         self.assertTrue('tarek' in
+    @unittest.skipUnless(docutils is not None, 'needs docutils')
     def test_strict(self):
         # testing the script option
         # when on, the register command stops if
         cmd.strict = 1
-        # we don't test the reSt feature if docutils
-        # is not installed
-        try:
-            import docutils
-        except ImportError:
-            return
         # metadata are OK but long_description is broken
         metadata = {'url': 'xxx', 'author': 'xxx',
                     'author_email': u'éxéxé',
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