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merge with 3.3

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 bd8afb90ebf28ba4edc901d4a235f75e7bbc79fd v3.3.0
 92c2cfb924055ce68c4f78f836dcfe688437ceb8 v3.3.1rc1
 d9893d13c6289aa03d33559ec67f97dcbf5c9e3c v3.3.1
+d047928ae3f6314a13b6137051315453d0ae89b6 v3.3.2

File Include/patchlevel.h

File contents unchanged.

File Lib/distutils/

File contents unchanged.

File Lib/idlelib/

File contents unchanged.

File Misc/NEWS

File contents unchanged.

File Misc/RPM/python-3.4.spec

File contents unchanged.

File PC/VS9.0/pyproject.vsprops

-		Value="$(externalsDir)\openssl-1.0.1d"
+		Value="$(externalsDir)\openssl-1.0.1e"

File PCbuild/pyproject.props

-    <opensslDir>$(externalsDir)\openssl-1.0.1d</opensslDir>
+    <opensslDir>$(externalsDir)\openssl-1.0.1e</opensslDir>

File PCbuild/readme.txt

     Get the source code through
-    svn export
+    svn export
     ** NOTE: if you use the Tools\buildbot\external(-amd64).bat approach for
     obtaining external sources then you don't need to manually get the source


File contents unchanged.

File Tools/buildbot/external-common.bat

 @rem if exist tk8.4.16 rd /s/q tk8.4.16
 @rem if exist tk- rd /s/q tk-
 @rem if exist db-4.4.20 rd /s/q db-4.4.20
-@rem if exist openssl-1.0.1d rd /s/q openssl-1.0.1d
+@rem if exist openssl-1.0.1e rd /s/q openssl-1.0.1e
 @rem if exist sqlite-3.7.12 rd /s/q sqlite-3.7.12    
 @rem bzip
 @rem OpenSSL
-if not exist openssl-1.0.1d (
-    rd /s/q openssl-1.0.1c
-    svn export
+if not exist openssl-1.0.1e (
+    rd /s/q openssl-1.0.1d
+    svn export
 @rem tcl/tk