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Nick Coghlan  committed 3664920

Touch correct file in 'make touch'

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 # Define dependencies of generated files that are checked into hg.
 # The syntax of this file uses make rule dependencies, without actions
-Python/importlib.h: Lib/importlib/_bootstrap.py Python/freeze_importlib.py
+Python/importlib.h: Lib/importlib/_bootstrap.py Modules/_freeze_importlib.c
 Include/ast.h: Parser/Python.asdl Parser/asdl.py Parser/asdl_c.py
 Python/Python-ast.c: Include/ast.h
 Python/opcode_targets.h: Python/makeopcodetargets.py Lib/opcode.py
-Objects/typeslots.inc: Include/typeslots.h Objects/typeslots.py
+Objects/typeslots.inc: Include/typeslots.h Objects/typeslots.py