Benjamin Peterson committed 5f62c84

prevent IDLE from trying to close when sys.stdin is reassigned (#17838)

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         # page help() text to shell.
         import pydoc # import must be done here to capture i/o binding
         pydoc.pager = pydoc.plainpager
+        # Keep a reference to stdin so that it won't try to exit IDLE if
+        # sys.stdin gets changed from within IDLE's shell. See issue17838.
+        self._keep_stdin = sys.stdin
         self.interp = self.get_remote_proxy("interp")
         rpc.RPCHandler.getresponse(self, myseq=None, wait=0.05)
+- Issue #17838: Allow sys.stdin to be reassigned.
 - Issue #14735: Update IDLE docs to omit "Control-z on Windows".
 - Issue #17585: Fixed IDLE regression. Now closes when using exit() or quit().