Ezio Melotti committed 63f2941

#17833: add debug output to investigate buildbot failure.

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 import sys
 import os
 from test import test_support
+from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
 # Skip this test if the _tkinter module wasn't built.
 _tkinter = test_support.import_module('_tkinter')
         with test_support.EnvironmentVarGuard() as env:
-            f = os.popen('%s -c "import Tkinter; print Tkinter"' % (unc_name,))
+            cmd = '%s -c "import Tkinter; print Tkinter"' % (unc_name,)
-        self.assertIn('',
-        # exit code must be zero
-        self.assertEqual(f.close(), None)
+            p = Popen(cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
+            out_data, err_data = p.communicate()
+            msg = '\n\n'.join(['"" not in output',
+                               'Command:', cmd,
+                               'stdout:', out_data,
+                               'stderr:', err_data])
+            self.assertIn('', out_data, msg)
+            self.assertEqual(p.wait(), 0, 'Non-zero exit code')
     def test_passing_values(self):
         def passValue(value):
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