Benjamin Peterson committed c982393

group ids and user ids can be longs now (#17531)

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         self.assertEqual(value[1], value.gr_passwd)
         self.assertIsInstance(value.gr_passwd, basestring)
         self.assertEqual(value[2], value.gr_gid)
-        self.assertIsInstance(value.gr_gid, int)
+        self.assertIsInstance(value.gr_gid, (long, int))
         self.assertEqual(value[3], value.gr_mem)
         self.assertIsInstance(value.gr_mem, list)


             self.assertEqual(e[1], e.pw_passwd)
             self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_passwd, basestring)
             self.assertEqual(e[2], e.pw_uid)
-            self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_uid, int)
+            self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_uid, (int, long))
             self.assertEqual(e[3], e.pw_gid)
-            self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_gid, int)
+            self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_gid, (int, long))
             self.assertEqual(e[4], e.pw_gecos)
             self.assertIsInstance(e.pw_gecos, basestring)
             self.assertEqual(e[5], e.pw_dir)
-- Issue #17531: Return group and user ids as int instead long when possible.
+- Issue #17531: Fix tests that thought group and user ids were always the int
+  type.
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