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The migration to importlib eliminated this crasher

If anyone finds another recursive C path that bypasses the recursion
limiting, they can add a new crasher example.

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File Lib/test/crashers/

-# The following example may crash or not depending on the platform.
-# E.g. on 32-bit Intel Linux in a "standard" configuration it seems to
-# crash on Python 2.5 (but not 2.4 nor 2.3).  On Windows the import
-# eventually fails to find the module, possibly because we run out of
-# file handles.
-# The point of this example is to show that sys.setrecursionlimit() is a
-# hack, and not a robust solution.  This example simply exercises a path
-# where it takes many C-level recursions, consuming a lot of stack
-# space, for each Python-level recursion.  So 1000 times this amount of
-# stack space may be too much for standard platforms already.
-import sys
-if 'recursion_limit_too_high' in sys.modules:
-    del sys.modules['recursion_limit_too_high']
-import recursion_limit_too_high