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:Author: David Goodger
:Date: $Date$
:Web site:
:Copyright: This document has been placed in the public domain.

Most of the files included in this project have been placed in the
public domain, and therefore have no license requirements and no
restrictions on copying or usage; see the `Public Domain Dedication`_
below.  There are a few exceptions_, listed below.

One goal of the Docutils project is to be included in the Python
standard library distribution, at which time it is expected that
copyright will be asserted by the `Python Software Foundation

Public Domain Dedication

The persons who have associated their work with this project (the
"Dedicator": David Goodger and the many contributors to the Docutils
project) hereby dedicate the entire copyright, less the exceptions_
listed below, in the work of authorship known as "Docutils" identified
below (the "Work") to the public domain.

The primary repository for the Work is the Internet World Wide Web
site <>.  The Work consists of the
files within the "docutils" module of the Docutils project Subversion
repository (Internet host, filesystem path
/svnroot/repos/docutils), whose Internet web interface is located at
<>.  Files dedicated to the
public domain may be identified by the inclusion, near the beginning
of each file, of a declaration of the form::

    Copyright: This document/module/DTD/stylesheet/file/etc. has been
               placed in the public domain.

Dedicator makes this dedication for the benefit of the public at large
and to the detriment of Dedicator's heirs and successors.  Dedicator
intends this dedication to be an overt act of relinquishment in
perpetuity of all present and future rights under copyright law,
whether vested or contingent, in the Work.  Dedicator understands that
such relinquishment of all rights includes the relinquishment of all
rights to enforce (by lawsuit or otherwise) those copyrights in the

Dedicator recognizes that, once placed in the public domain, the Work
may be freely reproduced, distributed, transmitted, used, modified,
built upon, or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose,
commercial or non-commercial, and in any way, including by methods
that have not yet been invented or conceived.

(This dedication is derived from the text of the `Creative Commons
Public Domain Dedication


The exceptions to the `Public Domain Dedication`_ above are:

* docutils/writers/s5_html/themes/default/

      IE5.5+ PNG Alpha Fix v1.0 by Angus Turnbull
      <>.  Free usage permitted as long as
      this notice remains intact.

* extras/, copyright by Gregory P. Ward, released under a
  BSD-style license (which can be found in the module's source code).

* extras/, copyright by Gregory P. Ward and the Python
  Software Foundation, released under the `Python 2.3 license`_
  (`local copy`__).

  __ licenses/python-2-3.txt

* extras/, copyright by Mark Pilgrim, released under the
  `Python 2.1.1 license`_ (`local copy`__).

  __ licenses/python-2-1-1.txt

* test/, copyright by the Python Software
  Foundation, released under the `Python 2.2 license`_ (`local
  copy`__).  This file is included for compatibility with Python
  versions less than 2.2.  (It's only used to report test failures
  anyhow; it isn't installed anywhere.  The included file is a
  pre-generator version of the module included in Python

  __ licenses/python-2-2.txt

* tools/, copyright by the Python Software Foundation,
  released under the `Python 2.2 license`_ (`local copy`__).

  __ licenses/python-2-2.txt

* tools/editors/emacs/rst-html.el, copyright by Martin Blais, released
  under the `GNU General Public License`_ (`local copy`__).

  __ licenses/gpl.txt

* tools/editors/emacs/rst-mode.el, copyright by Stefan Merten,
  released under the `GNU General Public License`_ (`local copy`__).

  __ licenses/gpl.txt

(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.)  The BSD license and the Python
licenses are OSI-approved_ and GPL-compatible_.  Although complicated
by multiple owners and lots of legalese, the Python license basically
lets you copy, use, modify, and redistribute files as long as you keep
the copyright attribution intact, note any changes you make, and don't
use the owner's name in vain.  The BSD license is similar.

Plaintext versions of all the linked-to licenses are provided in the
licenses_ directory.

.. _licenses: licenses/
.. _Python 2.1.1 license:
.. _Python 2.2 license:
.. _Python 2.3 license:
.. _GNU General Public License:
.. _OSI-approved:
.. _GPL-compatible: