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Removed deprecated and awkward flask.session module

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 - Added wrapper module around simplejson and added default serialization
   of datetime objects.  This allows much easier customization of how
   JSON is handled by Flask or any Flask extension.
+- Removed deprecated internal ``flask.session`` module alias.  Use
+  ``flask.sessions`` instead to get the session module.  This is not to
+  be confused with ``flask.session`` the session proxy.
 Version 0.9

File flask/

-# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
-    flask.session
-    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-    This module used to flask with the session global so we moved it
-    over to flask.sessions
-    :copyright: (c) 2011 by Armin Ronacher.
-    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
-from warnings import warn
-warn(DeprecationWarning('please use flask.sessions instead'))
-from .sessions import SecureCookieSession, NullSession
-Session = SecureCookieSession
-_NullSession = NullSession