git / pkt-line.h

Linus Torvalds f3a3214 

Dennis Stosberg 07d6893 
Shawn O. Pearce f5615d2 
Dennis Stosberg 07d6893 
Linus Torvalds f3a3214 

Timo Sirainen 4ec99bf 
Shawn O. Pearce f5615d2 

Linus Torvalds f3a3214 

Shawn O. Pearce f5615d2 
Junio C Hamano 583b7ea 
Linus Torvalds f3a3214 
#ifndef PKTLINE_H
#define PKTLINE_H

#include "git-compat-util.h"
#include "strbuf.h"

 * Silly packetized line writing interface
void packet_flush(int fd);
void packet_write(int fd, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));
void packet_buf_flush(struct strbuf *buf);
void packet_buf_write(struct strbuf *buf, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));

int packet_read_line(int fd, char *buffer, unsigned size);
int packet_get_line(struct strbuf *out, char **src_buf, size_t *src_len);
ssize_t safe_write(int, const void *, ssize_t);

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