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git-gc --auto: add documentation.

This documents the auto-packing of loose objects performed by
git-gc --auto.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/config.txt

 	algorithm used by 'git gc --aggressive'.  This defaults
 	to 10.
+	When there are approximately more than this many loose
+	objects in the repository, `git gc --auto` will pack them.
+	Some Porcelain commands use this command to perform a
+	light-weight garbage collection from time to time.  Setting
+	this to 0 disables it.
 	`git gc` does not run `git pack-refs` in a bare repository by
 	default so that older dumb-transport clients can still fetch

File Documentation/git-gc.txt

-'git-gc' [--prune] [--aggressive]
+'git-gc' [--prune] [--aggressive] [--auto]
 	persistent, so this option only needs to be used occasionally; every
 	few hundred changesets or so.
+	With this option, `git gc` checks if there are too many
+	loose objects in the repository and runs
+	gitlink:git-repack[1] with `-d -l` option to pack them.
+	The threshold is set with `` configuration
+	variable, and can be disabled by setting it to 0.  Some
+	Porcelain commands use this after they perform operation
+	that could create many loose objects automatically.