git / patch-id.c

#include "cache.h"
#include "exec_cmd.h"

static void flush_current_id(int patchlen, unsigned char *id, git_SHA_CTX *c)
	unsigned char result[20];
	char name[50];

	if (!patchlen)

	git_SHA1_Final(result, c);
	memcpy(name, sha1_to_hex(id), 41);
	printf("%s %s\n", sha1_to_hex(result), name);

static int remove_space(char *line)
	char *src = line;
	char *dst = line;
	unsigned char c;

	while ((c = *src++) != '\0') {
		if (!isspace(c))
			*dst++ = c;
	return dst - line;

static void generate_id_list(void)
	static unsigned char sha1[20];
	static char line[1000];
	git_SHA_CTX ctx;
	int patchlen = 0;

	while (fgets(line, sizeof(line), stdin) != NULL) {
		unsigned char n[20];
		char *p = line;
		int len;

		if (!memcmp(line, "diff-tree ", 10))
			p += 10;
		else if (!memcmp(line, "commit ", 7))
			p += 7;

		if (!get_sha1_hex(p, n)) {
			flush_current_id(patchlen, sha1, &ctx);
			hashcpy(sha1, n);
			patchlen = 0;

		/* Ignore commit comments */
		if (!patchlen && memcmp(line, "diff ", 5))

		/* Ignore git-diff index header */
		if (!memcmp(line, "index ", 6))

		/* Ignore line numbers when computing the SHA1 of the patch */
		if (!memcmp(line, "@@ -", 4))

		/* Compute the sha without whitespace */
		len = remove_space(line);
		patchlen += len;
		git_SHA1_Update(&ctx, line, len);
	flush_current_id(patchlen, sha1, &ctx);

static const char patch_id_usage[] = "git patch-id < patch";

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	if (argc != 1)


	return 0;
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