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Add throbber for comment submission

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 # This makefile requires GNU make.
-image-sources := $(wildcard figs/*.dot figs/*.png figs/*.svg)
+image-sources := $(wildcard figs/*.dot figs/*.gif figs/*.png figs/*.svg)
 xml-src-files := \
 	00book.xml \
 image-dot := $(filter,$(image-sources))
 image-svg := $(filter %.svg,$(image-sources))
-image-png := $(filter %.png,$(image-sources))
+image-oth := $(filter %.gif %.png,$(image-sources))
 obj-web := html
 obj-websup := $(obj-web)/support
 image-web := \
 	$($(obj-web-read)/%.png) \
 	$(image-svg:%.svg=$(obj-web-read)/%.png) \
-	$(image-png:%=$(obj-web-read)/%)
+	$(image-oth:%=$(obj-web-read)/%)
 example-sources-by-name := \
 	backout \
 	inkscape -D -e $@ $<-tmp.svg
 	rm $<-tmp.svg
+$(obj-web-read)/figs/%.gif: figs/%.gif
+	cp $< $@
 $(obj-web-read)/figs/%.png: figs/%.png
 	cp $< $@
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