Patrick Mézard  committed b6173ae

Use lexists() instead of exists() where appropriate

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File hgext/convert/

             raise util.Abort(_('internal calling inconsistency'))
         # Raise IOError if necessary (i.e. deleted files).
-        if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.tmppath, name)):
+        if not os.path.lexists(os.path.join(self.tmppath, name)):
             raise IOError
         return self._getfile(name, rev)
                 removed = []
                 merged = []
                 for f in files:
-                    if os.path.exists(repo.wjoin(f)):
+                    if os.path.lexists(repo.wjoin(f)):

File mercurial/

         wlock = self._repo.wlock()
             for f in list:
-                if unlink and os.path.exists(self._repo.wjoin(f)):
+                if unlink and os.path.lexists(self._repo.wjoin(f)):
                     self._repo.ui.warn(_("%s still exists!\n") % f)
                 elif self._repo.dirstate[f] == 'a':
     def copy(self, source, dest):
         p = self._repo.wjoin(dest)
-        if not (os.path.exists(p) or os.path.islink(p)):
+        if not os.path.lexists(p):
             self._repo.ui.warn(_("%s does not exist!\n") % dest)
         elif not (os.path.isfile(p) or os.path.islink(p)):
             self._repo.ui.warn(_("copy failed: %s is not a file or a "

File mercurial/

         norm_path = os.path.normcase(path)
         fold_path = self._foldmap.get(norm_path, None)
         if fold_path is None:
-            if knownpath or not os.path.exists(os.path.join(self._root, path)):
+            if knownpath or not os.path.lexists(os.path.join(self._root, path)):
                 fold_path = path
                 fold_path = self._foldmap.setdefault(norm_path,

File mercurial/

             islink, isexec = gp.mode
             dst = repo.wjoin(gp.path)
             # patch won't create empty files
-            if gp.op == 'ADD' and not os.path.exists(dst):
+            if gp.op == 'ADD' and not os.path.lexists(dst):
                 flags = (isexec and 'x' or '') + (islink and 'l' or '')
                 repo.wwrite(gp.path, '', flags)
             util.set_flags(dst, islink, isexec)

File mercurial/

             l = l + 1
         name = name[l:]
-    if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(root, name)):
+    if not os.path.lexists(os.path.join(root, name)):
         return None
     seps = os.sep