mercurial-crew-stable / tests / test-convert-darcs.out

% initialize darcs repo
Finished recording patch 'p0'
% branch and update
Finished recording patch 'p1.1'
% update source
Finished recording patch 'p1.2'
% merge branch
Backing up ./a(-darcs-backup0)
We have conflicts in the following files:
Finished pulling and applying.
Finished recording patch 'p2'
% test file and directory move
Finished recording patch 'p3'
initializing destination darcs-repo-hg repository
scanning source...
4 p0
3 p1.2
2 p1.1
1 p2
0 p3
o  4 "p3" files: dir/d dir/d2 dir2/d f ff
o  3 "p2" files: a dir/d dir/d2 f
o  2 "p1.1" files:
o  1 "p1.2" files: a b
o  0 "p0" files: a

7225b30cdf38257d5cc7780772c051b6f33e6d6b 644   a
1e88685f5ddec574a34c70af492f95b6debc8741 644   b
d278f41640da5fc303a4cf9894af31c2983fc11d 644   dir2/d
ef5c76581d78340f568d5f48d679bf307452cbc9 644   ff