Stephen Thorne committed 2ce7dfe

distutils: Create instead of MANIFEST in Makefile

When running 'python sdist' many files were omitted from the resulting
tarball that are required for a complete build, including the .h file for the
inotify extension due to a python2.7+ distutils bug. This would cause 'make dist'
to fail to build a correct dist on python2.7

By building a that is the same as the old MANIFEST with 'include'
at the start of each line will cause a correct MANIFEST to be built and used
by distutils.

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 	-$(PYTHON) clean --all # ignore errors from this command
 	find . \( -name '*.py[cdo]' -o -name '*.so' \) -exec rm -f '{}' ';'
 	rm -f $(addprefix mercurial/,$(notdir $(wildcard mercurial/pure/*.py)))
-	rm -f MANIFEST tests/*.err
+	rm -f MANIFEST tests/*.err
 	rm -rf build mercurial/locale
 	$(MAKE) -C doc clean
-	hg manifest > MANIFEST
-	echo mercurial/ >> MANIFEST
+	hg manifest | sed -e 's/^/include /' >
+	echo include mercurial/ >>
+	sed -e 's/^/include /' < doc/MANIFEST >>
 dist:	tests dist-notests
-dist-notests:	doc MANIFEST
+dist-notests:	doc
 	TAR_OPTIONS="--owner=root --group=root --mode=u+w,go-w,a+rX-s" $(PYTHON) -q sdist
 check: tests
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