DurhamG avatar DurhamG committed 4f485bd

blackbox: do not translate the log messages

User 'timeless' in irc mentioned that having the blackbox be
translated would result in logs that:

- may be mixed language, if multiple users use the same repo
- are not google searchable (since searching for english gives more
- might not be readable by an admin if the employee is using hg in
his native language

And therefore we should log everything in english.

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         return ret
         duration = time.time() - starttime
-        ui.log("commandfinish", _("%s exited %s after %0.2f seconds\n"),
+        ui.log("commandfinish", "%s exited %s after %0.2f seconds\n",
                cmd, ret, duration)
         if repo and repo != req.repo:


         readablefunc = funcname
         if isinstance(funcname, types.FunctionType):
             readablefunc = funcname.__module__ + "." + funcname.__name__
-        ui.log('pythonhook', _('pythonhook-%s: %s finished in %0.2f seconds\n'),
+        ui.log('pythonhook', 'pythonhook-%s: %s finished in %0.2f seconds\n',
                name, readablefunc, duration)
     if r:
         if throw:
         r = util.system(cmd, environ=env, cwd=cwd, out=ui.fout)
     duration = time.time() - starttime
-    ui.log('exthook', _('exthook-%s: %s finished in %0.2f seconds\n'),
+    ui.log('exthook', 'exthook-%s: %s finished in %0.2f seconds\n',
            name, cmd, duration)
     if r:
         desc, r = util.explainexit(r)


                     newheads = [h for h in self.heads() if h not in oldheads]
-                                _("%s incoming changes - new heads: %s\n"),
+                                "%s incoming changes - new heads: %s\n",
                                 ', '.join([hex(c[:6]) for c in newheads]))
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