Ronny Pfannschmidt avatar Ronny Pfannschmidt committed 07dbafd

add a test for the inprocess status dirstate race

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+import os
+from mercurial.ui import ui
+from mercurial.localrepo import localrepository
+from mercurial.commands import add, commit, status
+u = ui()
+print '% creating repo'
+repo = localrepository(u, '.', create=True)
+f = open('', 'w')
+    f.write('foo\n')
+    f.close
+print '% add and commit'
+add(u, repo, '')
+commit(u, repo, message='*')
+status(u, repo, clean=True)
+print '% change'
+f = open('', 'w')
+    f.write('bar\n')
+    f.close()
+# this would return clean instead of changed before the fix
+status(u, repo, clean=True, modified=True)


+% creating repo
+% add and commit
+% change
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