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Release tweaks
More FAQ bits.
More FAQ updates
Add 'local' tags
Clarify doc/README a bit
rawcommit: do lookup of parents at the appropriate layer
Make lookup a bit smarter
Get set_exec from util in convert_repo
Cleaned up some asciidoc bits in the FAQ
Minor packaging fixups
Update TODO
The beginnings of a FAQ file
README tidy-up
Add rawcommit tests
hg import error checking
rawcommit dirstate tweak
Permission handling for the other OS
Fix up tests for command name changes
Use __inline instead of inline
Update docs
Commands cleanup
Optimize annotate a bit
Fix a compile warning for bdiff
Replace difflib with bdiff for annotate
Add bdiff.blocks / minor performance tweaks
Start using bdiff for generating deltas
convert-repo fixups
Fix up test-merge1
Pull from TAH
Fix typo in merging new files
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