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File contrib/

 '''helper extension to measure performance'''
 from mercurial import cmdutil, scmutil, util, match, commands, obsolete
-from mercurial import repoview, branchmap, merge
+from mercurial import repoview, branchmap, merge, copies
 import time, os, sys
 cmdtable = {}
+@command('perfpathcopies', [], "REV REV")
+def perfpathcopies(ui, repo, rev1, rev2):
+    ctx1 = scmutil.revsingle(repo, rev1, rev1)
+    ctx2 = scmutil.revsingle(repo, rev2, rev2)
+    def d():
+        copies.pathcopies(ctx1, ctx2)
+    timer(d)
 def perfmanifest(ui, repo):
     def d():

File mercurial/

     # we currently don't try to find where old files went, too expensive
     # this means we can miss a case like 'hg rm b; hg cp a b'
     cm = {}
-    for f in b:
-        if f not in a:
-            ofctx = _tracefile(b[f], a)
-            if ofctx:
-                cm[f] = ofctx.path()
+    missing = set(b.manifest().iterkeys())
+    missing.difference_update(a.manifest().iterkeys())
+    for f in missing:
+        ofctx = _tracefile(b[f], a)
+        if ofctx:
+            cm[f] = ofctx.path()
     # combine copies from dirstate if necessary
     if w is not None: