Matt Mackall committed 93b03a2

sslutil: try harder to avoid getpeercert problems

We wrap both calls to getpeercert in a try/except to make sure we
catch its bogus AttributeError.

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                 self.ui.warn(_("warning: certificate for %s can't be verified "
                                "(Python too old)\n") % host)
         if not sock.cipher(): # work around
             raise util.Abort(_('%s ssl connection error') % host)
-        peercert = sock.getpeercert(True)
+        try:
+            peercert = sock.getpeercert(True)
+            peercert2 = sock.getpeercert()
+        except AttributeError:
+            raise util.Abort(_('%s ssl connection error') % host)
         if not peercert:
             raise util.Abort(_('%s certificate error: '
                                'no certificate received') % host)
             self.ui.debug('%s certificate matched fingerprint %s\n' %
                           (host, nicefingerprint))
         elif cacerts:
-            msg = _verifycert(sock.getpeercert(), host)
+            msg = _verifycert(peercert2, host)
             if msg:
                 raise util.Abort(_('%s certificate error: %s') % (host, msg),
                                  hint=_('configure hostfingerprint %s or use '