Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add lookup smarts everywhere
Add improved rev lookup to diff and export
Move hex/bin bits to revlog
Add smart node lookup by substring or by rev number
unidiff: punt on comparing empty files
Add export command
Support for 0, 1, or 2 diff revs
Add diffrevs function to compare two nodes
diffdir tidy in preparation for arg handling
Fix up commit arg breakage
Make diffdir take a revision argument
Add some tests to the repo
hg co after hg merge
Simplify integrity checking
Fix corruption from manifest.listcache optimization
Add debughash and debugindex commands
Import time for hg history command
Document diff in help
Show date in history
The actual hg remove fix from Thomas Hein
From: Thomas Arendsen Hein <>
Give a friendlier message when repo isn't found
Make hg verify do more thorough cross-checking.
Update version numbers
Fix network pull of repo files with "%" in their base64 encoding.
Fix off-by-one truncation in transaction rollback.
Fix empty transaction destruction
Delete journal on destruction even if there are no entries to replay.
Allow checkout by number or hash
Fix linking of changeset revs when merging
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