kiilerix  committed e071d16

largefiles: don't hash all largefiles when initializing a lfdirstate

The largefiles will be hashed on demand if necessary ... and sometimes it isn't

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File hgext/largefiles/

 '''largefiles utility code: must not import other modules in this package.'''
 import os
-import errno
 import platform
 import shutil
 import stat
         matcher = getstandinmatcher(repo)
         for standin in repo.dirstate.walk(matcher, [], False, False):
             lfile = splitstandin(standin)
-            hash = readstandin(repo, lfile)
-            try:
-                if hash == hashfile(repo.wjoin(lfile)):
-                    lfdirstate.normal(lfile)
-            except OSError, err:
-                if err.errno != errno.ENOENT:
-                    raise
     return lfdirstate
 def lfdirstatestatus(lfdirstate, repo, rev):