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Bryan O'Sullivan  committed f42cf30

scmutil: add mustaudit delegation to filtervfs (issue3673)

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     mustaudit = property(_getmustaudit, _setmustaudit)
-class filtervfs(abstractvfs):
+class filtervfs(abstractvfs, auditvfs):
     '''Wrapper vfs for filtering filenames with a function.'''
-    def __init__(self, opener, filter):
+    def __init__(self, vfs, filter):
+        auditvfs.__init__(self, vfs)
         self._filter = filter
-        self._orig = opener
     def __call__(self, path, *args, **kwargs):
-        return self._orig(self._filter(path), *args, **kwargs)
+        return self.vfs(self._filter(path), *args, **kwargs)
     def join(self, path):
         if path:
-            return self._orig.join(self._filter(path))
+            return self.vfs.join(self._filter(path))
-            return self._orig.join(path)
+            return self.vfs.join(path)
 filteropener = filtervfs