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packaging: move output directory from build/ to packages/
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Added signature for changeset 2d8cd3d0e83c
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Added tag 3.0.2 for changeset 2d8cd3d0e83c
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Add note to CONTRIBUTORS file
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COPYING: refresh with current address from
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buildrpm: remove prompt for uncommitted changes - it was a bad idea
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readme: mention how to run in-place
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hg: add support for HGUNICODEPEDANTRY environment variable
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Fixed a bashism with the use of $RANDOM in hgeditor.
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hgweb: add hint about finding library path with debuginstall
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Merge with stable.


Mercurial is a fast, easy to use, distributed revision control tool for software developers.

Basic install:

$ make # see install targets $ make install # do a system-wide install $ hg debuginstall # sanity-check setup $ hg # see help

Running without installing:

$ make local # build for inplace usage $ ./hg --version # should show the latest version

See for detailed installation instructions, platform-specific notes, and Mercurial user information.