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Tag Commit Date Download
0.9a2 89d2249
0.9a1 7be1306
0.7.2 7b81efd
0.7.1 643bce4
0.7 53422fc
0.7rc1 f7474a9
0.7beta3 5abff05
0.7beta2 8fe75cd
0.7beta1 3cf31ff
0.5.1 c654e32
0.5.1rc1 22d4a7d
0.5.0 a47041f
0.5.0rc2 6a58c9e
0.5.0rc1 5870618
Branch Commit Date Download
master 2d45637
bootstrap-theme ce37ea3
master-old fb092ba
0.7.X b61c73b
fixtests 3ac2e8b
translations 9c5d454
tagging_replacement f82e388
friends-refactor 964b33e
tests-apps 9bb41ac
event-signals b427701
0.5.X 35c5f73
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