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Pinax: a platform for rapidly developing websites

Pinax is an MIT-licensed, open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework.

By integrating numerous reusable Django apps and providing starter projects and infrastructure tools, Pinax takes care of the things that many sites have in common so you can focus on what makes your site different.

Pinax has been used for everything from social networks to corporate websites and from intranets to online games. We are also working on number of editions tailored to event management, learning management, software project management and more.

Most discussion about Pinax takes place on the IRC channel #pinax on Freenode or the pinax-users mailing list on Google Groups.


We have documented how to get started with Pinax on our website:


If you think you have discovered a bug in Pinax you should report it! We keep track of all bugs and features at Create an account and report the bug with as much information to help us reproduce it.


If you would like to keep up with current Pinax news/happenings you can follow our Twitter accounts:


I (James Tauber) recently moved from one apartment to another in the same complex. We had a two-week overlap where we had access to both places so rather than move everything over at once, we moved things we most wanted first, made sure they were set up and then moved on to the next thing. Anything that needed replacing or we didn't want anymore, we left in the old place until the last day when we threw it out.

The Pinax team are undertaking a very similar approach to getting Pinax ready for 0.9 release. There are parts of Pinax that are mature and in production use; there are parts that need cleaning up; and there are parts which need to be replaced completely. Rather than doing all that in-place, we've set up a new branch, originally called fresh-start, but now master (with the old master renamed to master-old)

We're moving things from master-old over incrementally, starting with foundational starter projects and only the pieces they need. This means that the new master branch is still pretty sparse (like my new apartment was the first few days). But the stuff that's there will be production ready, or very close to it, and will be reflective of the plans for the 0.9 release. This also gives us an opportunity to do a better job of tests and documentation by helping prioritize our time to the most important and stable parts of the codebase.

If there's stuff in Pinax master-old that isn't in the "fresh-start" master branch, it could be that we simply haven't gotten to it yet. Or it could mean we're deprecating its usage and plan an alternative approach in the new branch (and hence 0.9). If in doubt, please ask us our plans.

The issue tracking system on is now intended only for issues with the fresh-start. is still around for issues filed against older Pinax. This helps us focus on the code being prepared for release rather than sorting out issues in code that will be discontinued anyway.

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