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some minor AR changelog modifications [ci skip]

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 *   Fixing issue #8345. Now throwing an error when one attempts to touch a
     new object that has not yet been persisted. For instance:
-      ball =
-      ball.touch :updated_at   # => raises error
+    Example:
+        ball =
+        ball.touch :updated_at   # => raises error
     It is not until the ball object has been persisted that it can be touched.
     This follows the behavior of update_column.
-           after_commit :update_cache on: [:create, :update]
+        after_commit :update_cache on: [:create, :update]
+    *Yves Senn*
 *   Rename related indexes on `rename_table` and `rename_column`. This
     does not affect indexes with custom names.