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Keep second fraction when DateTime#change is called.

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 ## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
+*   Prevent `DateTime#change` from truncating the second fraction, when seconds
+    do not need to be changed.
+    *Chris Baynes*
 *   Added `ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#to_r` for `Time#at` compatibility.
     Before this change:


       options.fetch(:day, day),
       options.fetch(:hour, hour),
       options.fetch(:min, options[:hour] ? 0 : min),
-      options.fetch(:sec, (options[:hour] || options[:min]) ? 0 : sec),
+      options.fetch(:sec, (options[:hour] || options[:min]) ? 0 : sec + sec_fraction),
       options.fetch(:offset, offset),
       options.fetch(:start, start)


     assert_equal DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,16),       DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,15,15,10).change(:hour => 16)
     assert_equal DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,16,45),    DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,15,15,10).change(:hour => 16, :min => 45)
     assert_equal DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,15,45),    DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,15,15,10).change(:min => 45)
+    # datetime with fractions of a second
+    assert_equal DateTime.civil(2005,2,1,15,15,10.7), DateTime.civil(2005,2,22,15,15,10.7).change(:day => 1)
   def test_advance
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