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Default avatar David Heinemeier Hansson
Prepare for final 2.3 release
Default avatar Luca Guidi
Make sure Metal use ActionController class name conventions [#2242 state:resolved]
misfo avatarmisfo
allowed render :file to take Pathnames [#2220 state:resolved]
Joshua Peek avatarJoshua Peek
Add Rack version to Rails info
Default avatar Mike Gunderloy
Fix requirements for additional member/collection routes [#2054 state:resolved]
Default avatar Jason King
SQLite adapters now support DDL transactions [#2080 state:resolved]
Joshua Peek avatarJoshua Peek
Revert 5b7527ca "Failing test for routes with member & requirement" [#2054 state:wontfix]
Joshua Peek avatarJoshua Peek
Update rack to fix multipart uploads with an empty file [#1945 state:resolved]
Default avatar David Dollar
Makes the gem system understand development vs. runtime dependencies [#2195 state:resolved]
Default avatar Zack Hobson
Execute the appropriate gem command when using JRuby [#2215 state:resolved]
Default avatar John Dzak
Vendored gem paths now being loaded if they exist [#2204 state:resolved]
Default avatar Jeremy Kemper
Change naming to match 2.2 so life is easier on plugin developers
Default avatar Jeremy Kemper
Eliminate internal render stack since we only need its head and tail
Default avatar Jonathan del Strother
Use xmlschema when serializing TimeWithZones to xml [#2223 state:resolved]
Default avatar Mike Gunderloy
Handle irregular plurals in polymorphic_urls [#2212 state:resolved]
Default avatar Chris Kampmeier
Fix spelling of an internal method [#1734 state:resolved]
Default avatar Luca Guidi
Ensure AutosaveAssociation runs remove callbacks [#2146 state:resolved]
jqr avatarjqr
Returning nil from named scope lambda is equivalent to an empty hash [#1773 state:resolved]
Default avatar Bradford Folkens
Ensure HWIA#reverse_merge! retrurns HWIA [#421 state:resolved]
infusiastic avatarinfusiastic
Fixed that template runner gem method to output :lib => false correctly [#1940 state:resolved]
Murray Steele avatarMurray Steele
Ensure NoMethodError isn't raised when some of the nested eager loaded associations are empty [#1696 state:resolved]
Default avatar Will Bryant
Fixed autosave checks on objects with hm:t in :include [#2213 state:resolved]
Default avatar Donald Parish
Support MD5 passwords for Digest auth and use session_options[:secret] in nonce [#2209 state:resolved]
Default avatar Ubiratan Pires Alberton
Reverted affe50105f7027a44eb6e9cfb56f5b3fc070b19b and added more JSON decoding tests.
Russell Smith avatarRussell Smith
Update bundled Rack to fix Litespeed compatibility [#2198 state:resolved]
Default avatar Pratik Naik
Ensure ActiveRecord::Base.find_in_batches fires doesnt fire an extra query unless needed
Default avatar Pratik Naik
Add tests for AssociationCollection#find_each and AssociationCollection#find_in_batches
Default avatar Pratik Naik
Add NamedScope#find_each tests [#2201 state:resolved]
Default avatar Pratik Naik
Rename ActiveRecord::Base.each to ActiveRecord::Base.find_each
Default avatar Jeremy Kemper
Don't duplicate :order from scope and options, it makes mysql do extra work
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