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Michael Koziarski
Prepare for the 3.0.1 release
Michael Koziarski
Revert 0c0b0aa0f223523331afdc157fb3992a121bf497 which introduced a security vulnerability.
Loren Segal
Add .yardopts so YARD can document Rails
Xavier Noria
implements String#strip_heredoc
Xavier Noria
revises a deprecation message
Santiago Pastorino
-v=1.0.0 not needed
Santiago Pastorino
Make CI install bundler stable since 1.0 is out
Santiago Pastorino
No more beta or rc on guides
David Heinemeier Hansson
No more build
David Heinemeier Hansson
Depend on ARel 1.0 w/ tiny fixes
David Heinemeier Hansson
Depend on Bundler 1.0 w/ tiny fixes
David Heinemeier Hansson
Prep for final release
Sam Ruby
Make rake routes gracefully handle routes with no name
José Valim
Ensure we are not calling length on nil.
Santiago Pastorino
PERF: Avoid two method calls
Support pluggable cache stores.
Jeremy Kemper
Jesse Storimer
Ensure that inherited helper_methods are available after calling clear_helpers [#5348 state:resolved]
Fred Wu
Fixed the session name generated by the app_generator. Also refactored the corresponding test suites to be cleaner. [#5434 state:resolved]
Micro optimization for build_named_route_call in PolymorphicRoutes:
Fixing typo [#5485 state:resolved]
Santiago Pastorino
type="password" for password_fields
Andrew White
Read the route name directly from the route instead of looking it up in the named routes hash
Joost Baaij
Use common terminology
Joost Baaij
escape constants that should not be linked to
Joost Baaij
mention the alert and notice accessors on the flash
Joost Baaij
expand cookie examples with signed and permanent methods
Xavier Noria
solves everything in guides raised by WARNINGS=1 (except for one which is abandoned atm)
Xavier Noria
adds a comment in cli.rb so that it is clear that exec_script_rails! performs an exec call
Sam Aarons
Fix em_mysql2 error in rake db:create
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