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updating changelogs
Andrew White
Bump Journey requirements to 1.0.4 There are some Action Pack tests for regressions from 3.1 that require a later version of Journey to pass so bump to the current version.
Xavier Noria
Hash#fetch(fetch) is not the same as doing hash[key]
Rafael Mendonça França
`validates_inclusion_of` and `validates_exclusion_of` now accept `:within` option as alias of `:in` as documented. Fix #7118
Jon Leighton
Deprecate :finder_sql, :counter_sql, :insert_sql, :delete_sql.
Carlos Antonio
Merge pull request #6616 from dpassage/fix_resolver_test_sqlite3 Resolver tests fail if mysql adapter not installed
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #7108 from arunagw/mocha_bump Bumping mocha!
Arun Agrawal
Bumping mocha! Reason:- 0.12.0 introduced a bug where you got a exception which is now in 0.12.1 is a warning only!
Jon Leighton
Merge pull request #7080 from jfirebaugh/to_param_regression AR::Integration must be included after AM::Conversion
John Firebaugh
AR::Integration must be included after AM::Conversion Integration's definition of #to_param must override Conversion's. Otherwise, there is a regression from 3.1 in the behavior of a non-persisted AR::Base instance which nevertheless has an id.
Andrew White
Add support for optional root segments containing slashes Optional segments with a root scope need to have the leading slash outside of the parentheses, otherwise the generated url will be empty. However if the route has non-optional elements then the leading slash needs to remain inside the parentheses otherwise the generated url will have two leading slashes, e.g: Blog::Application.routes.draw do get '/(:category)', :to => 'posts#index', :as => :roo…
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #4396 from kennyj/fix_4259 Fix GH #4259. When we execute schema dumper, we must remove table_name_prefix and table_name_suffix.
Xavier Noria
adds a missing require [fixes #6896] This file uses, which is defined in active_support/core_ext/time/zones.rb.
fixing tests to deal with data differences between prepared statements and non-prepared statements
Jeremy Cole
Fixing texts; down to three failing tests.
Jeremy Cole
Only use prepared statements when bind variables are present Prepared statements (prepare/execute/close) were being used unnecessarily when no bind variables were present, and disabling prepared statement using prepared_statements:false was principally broken. While bind variables were correctly substituted with prepared_statements:false, the prepared statement interface was still used, costing an extra two round trips per query. In addition to making this…
Piotr Sarnacki
Merge pull request #7031 from robbkidd/rename_sequences_too_backport_to_3-2 Back-port #6874 to 3.2: psql adapter should rename a default pk sequence during rename_table
Robb Kidd
Update psql adapter to rename a default pkey sequence during rename_table.
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #7025 from rustygeldmacher/select_options_valid_html Select options valid html
Rusty Geldmacher
Fixed bug creating invalid HTML in select options When a select tag is created for a field with errors, and that select tag has :prompt or :include_blank options, then the inserted first option will errantly have a <div class="field_with_errors"> wrapping it. See
Xavier Noria
Merge pull request #7015 from sikachu/3-2-stable-code-style Update coding convention from master
Prem Sichanugrist
Update coding convention from master
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #6985 from sidonath/disable-query-cache-for-locks Disable query cache for lock queries Conflicts: activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/abstract/query_cache.rb
José Valim
Since Rails 3.2, use layout false to render no layout
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #6973 from route/wrapped_keys_in_log_for_3_2 MIssed backport for 3.2
Dmitry Vorotilin
Show in log correct wrapped keys
Mark J. Titorenko
Fix NumberHelper options wrapping to prevent verbatim blocks being rendered instead of line continuations. While I'm at it, wrap long comment lines consistently. Conflicts: actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/number_helper.rb There was just one conflict related to the addition of the :format option to number_to_percentage.
Rafael Mendonça França
Merge pull request #6935 from frodsan/b1e509ad7a8c8264544f10f4666705cd806b5408 Backport #3329 to 3-2-stable
Francesco Rodriguez
Backport #3329 to 3-2-stable Fix bug with autosave collection association on new record with a marked for destroy record in autosave collection. Fixes #6918.
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