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Redis 2.4.5

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+What's new in Redis 2.4.5
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed a ZUNIONSTORE/ZINTERSTORE bug that can cause a NaN to be
+           inserted as a sorted set element score. This happens when one of the
+           elements has +inf/-inf score and the weight used is 0.
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed memory leak in CLIENT INFO.
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed a non critical SORT bug (Issue 224).
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed a replication bug: now the timeout configuration is respected
+           during the connection with the master.
+* --quiet option implemented in the Redis test.
 What's new in Redis 2.4.4
-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.4"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.5"