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Redis 2.2.12

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+What's new in Redis 2.2.12
+* The Slowlog feature was backported to Redis 2.2.
+* A number of fixes related blocking operations on lists when mixed with
+  AOF and Replication.
+* Fixed bad interactions between EXPIRE, EXPIREAT, and in general volatile
+  keys when AOF is enabled. More details in the Redis Google Group here:
+* no more allocation stats info in INFO.
+* colorized make for 2.2 as well.
+* Fixed a problem with AOF when it is stopped via CONFIG SET appendonly no.
+* Warn the user enabling VM that VM is deprecated and discouraged.
+* prepareForShutdown() fixed for correctness.
+* Close the listening sockets on exit for faster restarts.
 What's new in Redis 2.2.11
-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.2.11"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.2.12"