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Redis 2.5.7 (2.6 RC1)

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-What's new in Redis 2.6.0
+What's new in Redis 2.5.7 (aka 2.6 Release Candidate 1)
+UPGRADE URGENCY: upgrade not recommended because this is an RC release.
+* This is the first release candidate for Redis 2.6. We are not aware of
+  bugs, but part of this code is young and was never tested in production
+  environments, so handle with care.
-UPGRADE URGENCY: We suggest new users to start with 2.6.0, and old users to
-                 upgrade after some testing of the application with the new
-                 Redis version.
+An overview of new features and changes in Redis 2.6.x
 * Server side Lua scripting, see
 * Virtual Memory removed (was deprecated in 2.4)

File src/version.h

-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.5.6"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.5.7"