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Redis 2.4.7

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+What's new in Redis 2.4.7
+UPGRADE URGENCY: low/moderate if you don't experience any of the fixed problems.
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed false positive in issue #141 regression test.
+* [BUGFIX] Slave should not expire keys when loading an RDB after a SYNC.
+* [BUGFIX] Don't increment stats for key misses / hits when key is written.
+* [BUGFIX] sds.c library now don't allocate more than 1MB ahead.
+* 32 bit instances without a maxmemory set now get a default limit of 3.5GB with
+  maxmemory-policy set to noeviction.
+* Better crash report on crash (containing current client and command arguments).
 What's new in Redis 2.4.6
-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.6"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.7"