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Redis 2.4.11

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+What's new in Redis 2.4.11
+UPGRADE URGENCY: moderate if you don't experience any of the fixed problems.
+* [BUGFIX] Fixed a problem with aeWait() implementation. May cause a crash
+           under non easy to replicate condiitons. See issue #267 on github.
+* [BUGFIX] SORT with GET/BY option fetching expiring keys fixed. Issue #460.
+* [BUGFIX] INFO field master_link_down_since_seconds initialized correctly.
+* [FEATURE] redis-cli back ported from Redis unstable. Now has support for
+            --bigkeys (to sample the DB for very large keys), --slave to
+            simulate a slave instance.
 What's new in Redis 2.4.10
-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.10"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.4.11"
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