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Welcome to Redis 2.0.5

This release fixes an important bug related to a file descriptor leak with
AOF enabled.

We strongly suggest upgrading to Redis 2.2.x ASAP to all the 2.0.x users!



Welcome to Redis 2.0.4

This release fixes two non critical bugs:

    - HMGET used to crash when called against a key that was not holding
      an hash. Fixed by Pieter Noordhuis.
    - Redis will now not try to save the DB if no save points for RDB are
      configured, when used as a non persistent cache. Thanks to Robey
      Pointer from Twitter for providing this patch.

Waiting 2.2 ...


Welcome to Redis 2.0.3

This release fixes two important bugs:

    - The maxmemory directive was broken in Redis <= 2.0.2, since from time to
      time it replayed with an error about memory limit reached even when
      it was possible to expire some volatile key to make room for new data.

      The new behaviour is the correct one of always allowing write operations
      to succeed as long as there are other volatile keys to remove.

    - An AOF bug related to blocking POP could crash Redis on AOF reload.
      This is now fixed thanks to Pieter Noordhuis and a kind user that
      helped us on IRC.



Welcome to Redis 2.0.2

This is a bugfix release, with the followign changes:

    - Fixed a bug that may slow down significantly (from a few milliseconds
      to many seconds) server side intersections when a background write is
      in progress. This was due to the hash table resize policy, prevented when
      there was a saving child. Now it's prevented only up to 5 times
      overbooking, so we try hard to prevent a lot of copy on write, but
      avoiding to trigger pathological hash table performances of O(N) instead
      of O(1).
    - Fixed expired keys counter in INFO output. It was not counting keys
      force-expired due to max-memory limit reached.



Welcome to Redis 2.0.1

This is a bugfix release, with the following changes:

    - Fixed a not critical but important VM bug: from time to time a race
      condition may happen and a client may never get the reply from a given
    - Now we have a make install target as stated in the README
    - redis-cli no longer tries to understand if it's part of a pipe
      so there is to use the -x option to read the last arg from stdin.
      This prevents it from creating problem when running inside cron scripts.
    - Fixed the init script provided in the tar.gz. It was totally broken.
    - Fixed a bug related to connecting more than 10k clients to Redis.

Good hacking,


Welcome to Redis 2.0.0

Finally we reached 2.0.0 stable!

This is just RC4 with (many) bug fixes applied.
Also this release features an updated redis-cli, backported from master.

Many thanks to VMware, Pieter Noordhuis and the Redis community for making
this possible.

For a list of new / improved things in 2.0.0 please check this web page:




Welcome to Redis 1.3.17 (2.0.0 RC4)

Compared to RC3 this one contains only an important replication related bugfix
about calls to ZINTERSTORE. Replication users are strongly encouraged to
upgrade ASAP!

If no new bugs will be found in a few weeks this is likely to become
2.0.0 stable in short time (one or two weeks).



Welcome to Redis 1.3.16 (2.0.0 RC3)

This is the third Release Candidate of Redis 2.0.0, fixing a few important
Virtual Memory bugs. If you use VM it is a very good idea to upgrade ASAP.

List of chages:

2010-07-22 don't open/close log file if log level is not matched (antirez)
2010-07-22 recent VM fixes backported to 2.0.0 branch (antirez)
2010-07-22 fix rare condition where 'key' would already be destroyed while is was needed later on (Pieter Noordhuis)
2010-07-21 vm_blocked_clients count fixed in INFO, thanks to Pietern Noordhuis (antirez)


Welcome to Redis 1.3.15 (2.0.0 RC2)

This is the second Release Candidate of Redis 2.0.0.

List of changes:

* Faster DB and AOF loading
* Fixed swappability score computation
* New version of the test suite
* Fixed ZINCR Nan bugs leading to server crash and added tests
* Require the flag "-c" to be used for redis-cli to read the last argument


Welcome to Redis 1.3.14 (2.0.0 RC1)

This is the first Release Candidate of Redis 2.0.0
2.0.0 is a big release with many interesting news, the following is the
list of the major improvements.


* Redis transactions: MULTI/EXEC (antirez)
* Blocking POP: BLPOP and BRPOP (antirez)
* Virtual Memory (antirez with contributions from Pieter Noordhuis)
* APPEND command (antirez)
* WITHSCORES in ZRANGEBYSCORE thanks to Sam Hendley (antirez)
* Much faster .rdb loading/saving times (antirez)
* Add DISCARD command to discard queued MULTI commands. (djanowski, antirez)
* Interactive mode to redis-cli. (Michel Martens & Damian Janowski)
* Countless improvements to skip list implementation (Pieter Noordhuis)
* ZINTERSTORE, ZUNIONSTORE commands (Pieter Noordhuis)
* ZRANK command (Pieter Noordhuis)
* SUBSTR command (antirez)
* Now list push commands return the length of the new list (Gustavo Picon, antirez)
* ZREMBYRANK command (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Hash data type with all the associated commands (antirez & Pieter Noordhuis)
* Added ZREVRANK (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Fixed hard to track replication bug (Jeremy Zawodny)
* Tool to check rdb files for unprocessable opcodes (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Random internals refactoring / cleanups (antirez & Pieter Noordhuis)
* Fixed issues 193, 194, 191 (Antonio Ognio)
* Support for include directive in config parser (Jeremy Zawodny)
* Fix authentication for redis-cli on non-interactive mode. (Michel Martens)
* Added linenoise.c for zero deps line editing support. (antirez)
* Use linenoise for line editing on redis-cli. (Michel Martens)
* More incremental expiration of keys. (antirez)
* CONFIG command (antirez)
* Publis/Subscribe and associated commands (antirez)
* New form of shared object, sharing all the small integers (antirez)
* Validate numeric inputs. (Alex McHale)
* Non blocking hash table resize, thanks to Derek Collison and Pieter Noordhuis for design ideas and help. (antirez)
* Enable hash dereference in SORT on BY and GET (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Now all commands support binary safe keys (antirez)
* SETEX (Set + EXPIRE) implemented (antirez & Pieter Noordhuis)
* redis-cli now accepts and outputs quoted strings in interactive mode (antirez)
* New MONITOR output format with timestamp, 1 command per line. (antirez)
* Tool to check if AOF is valid, and fix it if needed (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Major speedup to AOF with fsync always, thanks to Derek Collison for the algorithm (antirez)
* Append only filename configurable (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Add SIGTERM shutdown handling. (Ashley Martens)
* Many improvements in Redis test suite (Pieter Noordhuis)
* Add git commit information to INFO listing (Pieter Noordhuis & antirez)
* Many more minor things mainly from me and Pieter Noordhuis, but this changelog is already too big ;)