Armin Ronacher  committed cb0d8aa

Fixed a coding typo in the multipart parser.

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 - Added a workaround to prevent the XSS protection from Chrome
   breaking the debugger.
 - Skip redis tests if redis is not running.
+- Fixed a typo in the multipart parser that caused content-type
+  to not be picked up properly.
 Version 0.8.3

File werkzeug/

     def start_file_streaming(self, filename, headers, total_content_length):
         filename = _decode_unicode(filename, self.charset, self.errors)
         filename = self._fix_ie_filename(filename)
-        content_type = headers.get('content_type')
+        content_type = headers.get('content-type')
             content_length = int(headers['content-length'])
         except (KeyError, ValueError):