calibre-sync - automatically download books from a Calibre content server onto your Kobo eReader


  1. Download the the latest version and extract the KoboRoot.tgz file from it.
  2. Connect your Kobo to your PC with a USB cable, and tap "Connect"
  3. Copy the KoboRoot.tgz file to the .kobo/ folder on your Kobo.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This will overwrite your device's /etc/inittab
    • If you have made changes to this file, such as to enable telnet/ftp, you will need to modify the KoboRoot.tgz file before copying it to the device
  4. Eject/Unmount/safely remove your device, and then unplug the USB cable
  5. Your device should automatically restart
  6. Once the device has finished booting and updating, plug it back into your PC and tap "Connect"
  7. There will be a file on the device called "calibre-sync.ini", open it with a text-editor such as Notepad or nano
  8. Modify the variables in this file as directed by the comments. At minimum, you will need to change the line


    to the correct URL for your calibre content server. See the CALIBRE SETUP section for information on starting the Calibre Content Server and how to determine its URL.

  9. Save and close the calibre-sync.ini file

  10. Eject/Unmount/safely remove your device again, and then unplug the USB cable
  11. Restart your device again by holding the power switch until the "Powered Off" screen appears, then turn it back on.
  12. The next time calibre-sync detects that your device has an active WiFi connection, it will attempt to download any books not already on your device from Calibre. Note that the first time this happens, calibre-sync will need you to tap the "Connect" button, see the USAGE section


calibre-sync runs in the background and will automatically attempt to download any new books whenever it detects a WiFi connection. You can force your device to connect to WiFi by opening the web browser (under "Beta Features" in the settings menu.)

Unfortunately, there is currently no simple way to make these downloaded books part of your device's library. In order to trigger a library update, calibre-sync will "trick" your device into thinking a USB cable has been plugged in. This will bring up a screen asking you to "Connect" or "Cancel".

The first time this happens, you need to tap on the "Connect" button - calibre-sync will remember where you tapped and handle it automatically the next time. If you make a mistake, such as tapping in the wrong place, you can try again by opening the config file as described in step 7 of the INSTALLATION / SETUP section, above, and changing the x and y settings both to -1, then restarting the device.

After the fake USB connection, you should see a "library updating" screen, and then any new books downloaded will appear in your library.

To preserve your device's battery life, by default calibre-sync won't try to update it again for 1 minute.

If you want to disable calibre-sync, you can do so by renaming the configuration file, and then restarting your device.


To use calibre-sync, you'll need to be running the Calibre Content Server. To do this from the command-line, see this link.

The URL of your calibre-server will be something like http://IPADDRESS:PORT/opds. You can find the IPADDRESS and port by clicking on the "Connect/Share" button in Calibre. It should say something like "Stop Content Server [, port 8080]", in this case your URL would be