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themissingcloud is a project to gather together important information regarding various cloud services (e.g. AWS, RackSpace, etc.) that was somehow omitted from their API's. By gathering this data together and managing the data to maintain accuracy and completeness, we can crowd source this important info and make it available for everyone to use.


  1. Provide a reliable source for important cloud-related data
  2. Allow that data to be curated by the community
  3. Make the data highly available for both human and machine use


This repository serves as the canonical source of data. Periodically, the data in this repository is read by an automated process that parses the data and produces the representations desired for sharing the data (XHTML5+RFDa?). This generated data is then pushed to a bucket in S3 and then served via CloudFront. This architecture provides a highly available service at a very low cost.