sqlalchemy / lib / sqlalchemy / dialects / mssql / zxjdbc.py

# mssql/zxjdbc.py
# Copyright (C) 2005-2012 the SQLAlchemy authors and contributors <see AUTHORS file>
# This module is part of SQLAlchemy and is released under
# the MIT License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

.. dialect:: mssql+zxjdbc
    :name: zxJDBC for Jython
    :dbapi: zxjdbc
    :connectstring: mssql+zxjdbc://user:pass@host:port/dbname[?key=value&key=value...]
    :driverurl: http://jtds.sourceforge.net/

from ...connectors.zxJDBC import ZxJDBCConnector
from .base import MSDialect, MSExecutionContext
from ... import engine

class MSExecutionContext_zxjdbc(MSExecutionContext):

    _embedded_scope_identity = False

    def pre_exec(self):
        super(MSExecutionContext_zxjdbc, self).pre_exec()
        # scope_identity after the fact returns null in jTDS so we must
        # embed it
        if self._select_lastrowid and self.dialect.use_scope_identity:
            self._embedded_scope_identity = True
            self.statement += "; SELECT scope_identity()"

    def post_exec(self):
        if self._embedded_scope_identity:
            while True:
                    row = self.cursor.fetchall()[0]
                except self.dialect.dbapi.Error:
            self._lastrowid = int(row[0])

        if (self.isinsert or self.isupdate or self.isdelete) and \
            self._result_proxy = engine.FullyBufferedResultProxy(self)

        if self._enable_identity_insert:
            table = self.dialect.identifier_preparer.format_table(
            self.cursor.execute("SET IDENTITY_INSERT %s OFF" % table)

class MSDialect_zxjdbc(ZxJDBCConnector, MSDialect):
    jdbc_db_name = 'jtds:sqlserver'
    jdbc_driver_name = 'net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver'

    execution_ctx_cls = MSExecutionContext_zxjdbc

    def _get_server_version_info(self, connection):
        return tuple(
                    for x in connection.connection.dbversion.split('.')

dialect = MSDialect_zxjdbc
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