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# mysql/
# Copyright (C) 2005-2012 the SQLAlchemy authors and contributors <see AUTHORS file>
# This module is part of SQLAlchemy and is released under
# the MIT License:


.. dialect:: mysql+mysqldb
    :name: MySQL-Python
    :dbapi: mysqldb
    :connectstring: mysql+mysqldb://<user>:<password>@<host>[:<port>]/<dbname>


MySQLdb will accommodate Python ``unicode`` objects if the
``use_unicode=1`` parameter, or the ``charset`` parameter,
is passed as a connection argument.

Without this setting, many MySQL server installations default to
a ``latin1`` encoding for client connections, which has the effect
of all data being converted into ``latin1``, even if you have ``utf8``
or another character set configured on your tables
and columns.  With versions 4.1 and higher, you can change the connection
character set either through server configuration or by including the
``charset`` parameter.  The ``charset``
parameter as received by MySQL-Python also has the side-effect of
enabling ``use_unicode=1``::

    # set client encoding to utf8; all strings come back as unicode

Manually configuring ``use_unicode=0`` will cause MySQL-python to
return encoded strings::

    # set client encoding to utf8; all strings come back as utf8 str

Known Issues

MySQL-python version 1.2.2 has a serious memory leak related
to unicode conversion, a feature which is disabled via ``use_unicode=0``.
It is strongly advised to use the latest version of MySQL-Python.


from .base import (MySQLDialect, MySQLExecutionContext,
                                            MySQLCompiler, MySQLIdentifierPreparer)
from ...connectors.mysqldb import (

class MySQLExecutionContext_mysqldb(MySQLDBExecutionContext, MySQLExecutionContext):

class MySQLCompiler_mysqldb(MySQLDBCompiler, MySQLCompiler):

class MySQLIdentifierPreparer_mysqldb(MySQLDBIdentifierPreparer, MySQLIdentifierPreparer):

class MySQLDialect_mysqldb(MySQLDBConnector, MySQLDialect):
    execution_ctx_cls = MySQLExecutionContext_mysqldb
    statement_compiler = MySQLCompiler_mysqldb
    preparer = MySQLIdentifierPreparer_mysqldb

dialect = MySQLDialect_mysqldb